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At Miller Law in West Chester, Pennsylvania, we take particular pride in the personal attention we devote to every case. For our clients, we offer experienced and passionate legal representation in a wide range of cases, including criminal defense, family law, personal injury, small business law, estate planning, and probate law. We handle both less controversial cases such as preparing your first will or seeking damages due to dog bites, to more serious cases ranging from auto injuries to business litigation to drug trafficking charges. Whether you are a Delaware Valley resident or someone from out of the area in need of legal representation in Pennsylvania, Miller Law of PA has the knowledge and experience to undertake your case. We will prepare the most effective and thorough case to promote the best interests of you, our client.

We will be happy to provide a no-obligation, initial consultation to those who are not already represented by an attorney and are serious about retaining private counsel. At Miller Law, we are personable and approachable, and you will have the opportunity to get to know us before deciding to hire us to represent you.

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Our law firm has membership in the State Bar of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Drivers License Attorneys Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers’ Association, the American Bar Association, and the Criminal Justice Section of the Chester County Bar Association. We regularly attend continuing legal education seminars focusing on both criminal defense and civil litigation.

From our many years living and working in the community, Miller Law has gained
invaluable insight into how law enforcement is carried out
at both state and local levels, and about how best to work with each government agency involved in your legal case. Consequently, we have the knowledge and experience to best represent you.

We Listen … With Compassion
We Give Experienced Advice With Straight Talk
We Provide Guidance With Results

When you find yourself as a Defendant in a legal case in Pennsylvania, you need experienced, dedicated and focused representation. Miller Law offers in-depth Criminal Defense experience in every case it takes on. Our experience includes criminal law, application of science, courtroom procedures, and effective trial techniques. Where appropriate, we call on our network of experts who can help analyze evidence and clarify issues that impact your case. We are in court every week representing the interests of our clients.

We at Miller Law of Pennsylvania have helped hundreds of people accused of DUI in Pennsylvania. We know that your license, your freedom, and perhaps your job are at stake. We understand the real stress, uncertainty, fear, and pain that come with a DUI charge. We are here to help you navigate the confusing and scary underworld that becomes your reality, when you are arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania. Because of our intensive work in DUI cases, we are closely in touch with current developments in the law and science of DUI.

Our firm will thoroughly and compassionately represent you in any family law case. We are sympathetic listeners who know how to be diplomatic, as we represent you in your divorce or other family law issue. We will attend to your personal needs and desires in resolving your case.

Finally, we also serve as your advocate in personal injury cases. Often, due to the nature of their injuries suffered in car accidents or on the job, those who have been injured are unable to represent themselves effectively. If you are not the party at fault in your car accident or personal injury, we will seek for you just and appropriate compensation for your pain and suffering.

At Miller Law, we are passionate about our clients, about our practice, and about the law. Before we take on your case, we will explain the merits and potential defenses of your case, and give you a realistic assessment of outcomes you can expect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)



You have the right to represent yourself in court. However, before deciding to represent yourself, you should understand the risks and benefits. The law can be complex and actually can change frequently. If you are inexperienced and untrained in law, you are likely not to recognize all your legal problems nor know how to solve them. Although some legal guides that summarize laws are publicly available, they often are not detailed enough for preparing a legal case, and would not take into account your individual circumstances, and your state and local laws. Acting without the advice of a lawyer can result in unexpected legal consequences that can be difficult and expensive to avoid. Our experienced lawyers will help you identify whether you have a problem that requires legal assistance, and specifically what to do about it.


If you’ve been charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI) in PA, you will need help just understanding the complex charges you are facing. Remember, if you are charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, you are actually facing prosecution on two levels: 1) criminal penalties and 2) civil penalties (which could result in loss of driving privileges). If our attorneys take your case, it is because we really believe we can help you avoid negative legal consequences, or disruption in your employment, and/or a compromise of your freedom. We will examine all records concerning your traffic citation, consider whether the blood or breath test was accurate, and determine if there was proof of intoxication. If you are charged with more than one DUI offense, we will explain your options involved with penalties such as suspension of your driving license. We will explain how refusing to take a blood alcohol test, if that occurred, would affects your driving record.


Simply call us to schedule a first meeting with one of our lawyers. At this meeting, we will discuss with you the facts of your situation, advise you whether we can represent you in your case and what our fee will be. then, you can decide whether to hire us to represent you in court or in related legal proceedings.


No. Your first consultation with an lawyer from our law firm will be free. This first interview allows us to determine if you have a case, and if are law firm can represent you. During the interview, we will advise you what our fee will be to retain us to represent you in court or in related legal proceedings.


Try to collect documents that pertain to the facts of your case and any losses you have suffered, and bring them to the first interview with one of our lawyers. Please be open and honest about the facts of your case. From the documents you bring and your answers to our questions, we will evaluate your case and determine your options for gaining a good legal outcome. Documents which usually are helpful to bring to your first interview with us are:

  1. The police or accident report pertaining to your arrest or citation.
  2. Statements you can obtain from any witnesses to any of the events leading up to or occurring during your arrest or citation.
  3. Medical records, if any pertain to events leading up to or occurring during your arrest or citation.

Your lawyer will expect you to:

  • Respond honestly to our questions, and comply with any requests for further information,
  • Ask questions whenever you feel you do not understand something about your case,
  • Follow your lawyer’s advice,
  • Be patient and understand that legal problems require time and research,
  • Be on time for appointments with your lawyer and the court,
  • Notify the lawyer if your phone number or address changes, and of any changes that occur in your case, and
  • Pay the agreed upon lawyer fees for the legal services provided.

Miller Law encourages and expects you to be actively involved in the preparation of your case. We will keep you advised of the status of your case, either via telephone, letters from our office, or meetings with our lawyers as your case progresses.


Miller Law will clearly explain to you the factors which affect the amount of any claims involved in your case. We will recommend an amount for any claims you are making, and provide you with a clear explanation for why we are recommending a particular claim amount. Our recommendations will be based on our experience in settling cases, including what judges and juries have usually awarded in similar cases. This enables you to decide what claim to ask for.

Our Community Involvement

  • Member of First West Chester Fire Company
  • Sponsor of Little League Baseball
  • Supporter of Safe Harbor of Greater West Chester
  • Member of Delaware Valley Business Referral Group, Inc.