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Facing a Criminal Charge in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Pennsylvania, either as an adult or a juvenile the questions begin with: What do I do next? What could happen to me? Do I need a lawyer? How do I find one? We can help you with these questions and much more. We fight for our clients who are facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania, everyday, for people just like you. Whether you are facing a serious felony charge, a misdemeanor or a summary offense, it is something that can have a serious lasting impact for the rest of your life. (i.e. criminal rap sheet, increased insurance rates or revocation of your drivers license)

So, for the answers you need, please call Miller Law now for your free criminal defense consultation. By calling us at 610.840.8400, you can get some free advice on your situation, and find out what an experienced criminal defense lawyer can do for you, with no obligation. Our office has represented individuals charged with murder, felonies, drug cases, assault, misdemeanors and summary/traffic violations.

The answer is probably yes. The risks of going into court alone and hoping for the best are simply too great in most cases. Without a defense lawyer on your side, you have no one looking out for your rights and your interests. The prosecutors care about getting a conviction and moving onto the next case. The police are witnesses for the prosecutors and there’s not a whole lot a police officer can do for you once the prosecutor is assigned your case. If the prosecutor does offer you a deal, how will you even know if it is fair?. And if you don’t like the offer, you aren’t in a position to do much about it, where an experienced defense lawyer can request a trial and file motions to protect your rights. Maybe you will get treated fairly, maybe you won’t, but it’s a high risk venture into uncharted waters.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows Pennsylvania laws and court procedures will be able to:

  • Ensure that you aren’t railroaded into a bad plea deal by an over zealous prosecutor who has a weak case against you;
  • Perform a through evaluation of your case, look for procedural mistakes by the police or attorneys that could result in your case being dismissed, such as an illegal search and seizure, or failure to follow the rules of criminal procedure;
  • Prepare every case as if it is going to trial;
  • Be prepared to file pre-trial motions when the rules of criminal procedure have not been followed;
  • Seek to mitigate your criminal exposure by opting for community service, drug/alcohol treatment, counseling, or any other outcome that can prevent you from getting a criminal record for the rest of your life;
  • Pursue an ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) for first time non-violent criminal offenders, usually those charged with a first offense DUI
  • After ARD is successfully completed file for an expungement of your criminal arrest from the law enforcement records. This will erase your “rap” sheet.
  • Get your case moved to alternate court programs where applicable, recovery court, mental health court, drug court, etc.
The penalties you face can vary widely according to the seriousness of the offense, any prior convictions, and many other factors. You could face significant jail time, fines, probation, counseling and treatment programs, loss of driver’s license, and a variety of other penalties.

What’s more, with a criminal conviction, you can’t get many government law enforcement or security jobs. For many misdemeanor charges, even a single DUI offense, you can be barred from crossing foreign borders by their immigration authorities.

As with any criminal conviction on your record, you risk a permanent black mark next to your name anytime someone does a background check on you for employment. These searches are increasingly common and available on the internet. Any prospective employer, landlord, or personal contact can quickly and easily discover that you have a criminal record.

So there is much more risk to what seems like a minor charge than you probably ever imagined. That’s why it often makes sense to look for every possible opportunity to mitigate a criminal charge with a dismissal or not guilty, or find a way to get the charges reduced.

We are sure that you will have additional questions, such as:

  • How much experience do you have fighting criminal charges?
  • How many cases like mine have you defended?
  • What kind of results have you received in similar cases?
  • What do you think you can do for me?
  • How much will it cost?

The attorney must first and foremost be blatantly honest with you. By talking straightforward, we will earn your trust and confidence, which we need to effectively represent you in your case. A good criminal defense lawyer knows the law, and knows what is likely to work, and what strategy won’t be effective. Clients who feel they were treated poorly by the police are often justifiably angry, however, attacking the police officer is rarely a good defense strategy. The goal of your attorney is to win the case outright or negotiate a fair plea bargain you can live with.

To make it easier for you to learn if we are the attorneys for you, we offer a free criminal defense consultation and case evaluation. It is a chance for us to advise you on the specifics of your case, and a chance for you to determine if you think we are the best lawyers to help you.

If you’re facing a Pennsylvania criminal charge, and you’ve got questions or need legal advice, call now at 610.840.8400, to schedule your free consultation.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the Pennsylvania legal system will substantially reduce your risks. It’ll also give you some peace of mind that everything is being taken care of, and that you have someone looking out for your interests.

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