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Personal Injury

At Miller Law, we understand how to deal with all of the complicated decisions that will arise in any Personal Injury case.

Personal injury cases can involve automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bite incidents, wrongful death, injuries from defective products, nursing home injuries and work related injuries.

If you or your loved ones have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, Miller Law encourages you to contact one of our personal injury attorneys immediately. Whether your injury is due to a slip and fall incident, a car accident, or a defective consumer product, we stand ready to assist you.

The Challenges You Face and Our Commitment to Help
Miller Law understands the pain that you and your family suffer during this difficult time. On top of physical pain, medical bills, and lost wages, you now face the task of fighting for the compensation that you know you deserve.

We can help. Our personal injury lawyers are here to be your support as you navigate the complexities of the legal system. We are committed to helping you understand your rights and options under personal injury law and helping you make a wise decision about your future. Speak with our experienced staff today; your initial consultation is free.

Contact the Miller Law personal injury lawyers by calling 610.840.8400 to set up a FREE Initial Consultation.
We can answer all of your questions about your legal case, gather document evidence and testimony, and build a persuasive legal argument. We will meet with insurance company representatives, civil judges, and anyone else involved in your case. If necessary, we will argue aggressively on your behalf in a civil court.

Millions of people enjoy the freedom of the open road, of the wind blowing through their hair, of the genuine fun that’s involved with driving and riding on a motorcycle. Statistics show that motorcycles are more prevalent than ever before, as they are also an economic alternative to an automobile.

However, driving or riding on a motorcycle also comes with a high degree of risk. Anyone who’s travelled on a motorcycle understands just how vulnerable they are when encountering other, larger vehicles, and motorcycle accidents often lead to devastating results. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, you need to get a complete picture as to your legal rights. Contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at Miller Law today for a free initial consultation to do just that.

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons, but statistics also show that they are happening with alarming regularity and more often than ever before. Approximately 25,000 people are injured and over 1,000 killed every year as a result of motorcycle accidents. The reasons for these statistics are open to conjecture, but generally, the most common causes are:

  • Driver Error
  • Reckless Driving by Another
  • Dangerous Road Conditions
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Faulty Motorcycle Design

This is far from an exhaustive list, but regardless of how you were injured, if you believe it was someone else’s fault, you need to contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at Miller Law immediately for a free initial consultation.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys will be able to help you analyze what happened, to come to a theory as to who could be at fault and ultimately help you decide whether or not pursuing a claim is advisable. You may have rights that need to be enforced, so contact us today at 610.840.8400.

When dealing with a personal injury case, a person should understand that there are a number of issues that call for the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer. From questions surrounding who should pay the bills, to what benefits are available, to what is the Statute of Limitations controlling a legal action, a personal injury case can be complicated and confusing.

When dealing with physical and mental injuries following a traumatic event it is important to understand the need for proper documentation of injuries, including answering questions such as whether an injury is considered a permanent injury and whether there is a permanent impairment under the American Medical Association’s guidelines. Also, will future medical care be needed, how much will that cost, and will an injury result in restrictions on a person’s activities in the future.

There are many other issues that arise in these cases and it takes an experienced team of professionals to deal with them. Our firm is committed to maximizing a client’s benefits, making the best use of the rules, procedures and laws governing the prosecution of personal injury claims, and positioning a client’s case in the best way possible to ensure a successful outcome.

Lost wages and lost earning capacity are often associated with personal injury cases. In order to recover these damages it is important to properly document and obtain proof of the losses. Insurance companies will not normally accept claims of lost wages and/or lost earning capacity unless they are shown clear proof that these damages are legitimate, accurate and are clearly related to an injury claim.

At Miller Law, we know how to present claims for lost wages and lost earning capacity. In automobile accidents, a person’s personal injury protection insurance can be used to pay lost wages. Our office knows how to document and present any remaining lost wages to the insurance company for the person responsible for causing the accident.

Private investigators are sometimes essential to presenting a successful personal injury case. Our office works closely with several top notch private investigation firms so that we can properly investigate all aspects of a client’s case. Witness interviews, criminal background investigations, accident scene documentation, asset investigations and other activities by our private investigators allow us to represent our clients from a position of strength and confidence.


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