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Small Business Formation and Administration

Congratulations! You have decided to start your own business. But, what do you do now?
Some people try to start a business on their own. Although it can be done successfully, self-prepared filings are often insufficient or incomplete resulting in the loss of the liability limitation desired. A complete and sufficient filing eliminates this risk, but it requires significant knowledge and resources, numerous hours to complete specific forms and applications, and careful attention to detail and applicable deadlines. For this reason, many people turn to our legal team for help.

Our firm can skillfully represent your business in a wide variety of matters such as corporate startups, corporate governance, contract negotiations, the drafting and review of partnership agreements and dissolutions, the negotiation and creation of commercial lease agreements, employment agreements, commercial disputes, and the winding down of corporations. We provide client-centered, cost-effective services, aimed at helping our clients’ businesses succeed.

At Miller Law, we advise companies of any size in selecting the best form of legal entity and management structure for their business, as well as assist in determining what types of financing will insure future success. We help our clients by drafting and reviewing contracts and provide them with practical, “bottom line” analyses to assist in making sound business decisions.

If you need support in developing policies, procedures, plans and agreements concerning your employees and independent contractors, our lawyers can help. And, as your business changes, we can also assist you through these transitions by facilitating buy-sell arrangements, succession plans, and dissolutions.

One of the most important services we provide our business clients is to help them incorporate litigation avoidance strategies into their business planning. Regardless of an organization’s size or prominence, legal problems affecting financial status and reputation require practical solutions. Our lawyers view our clients’ legal problems as business problems, and work creatively and quickly to solve them.

If you are just starting up, in the middle of operations, or dissolving a business feel free to contact one of our experienced business law attorneys to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.


We know the requirements and benefits, as well as the potential pitfalls, for every type of business formation, including:

  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (LLLP)
  • Limited Partnerships (LP)
  • General partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Tax-exempt corporations
  • Professional Associations (PA)
  • Professional Corporations (PC)


As your legal team, we will work with you and your other business advisors to decide on the most beneficial organizational structure for your small business and how best to protect your assets and family from liability. We will also prepare all documents to form and/or register your company in the appropriate state(s).

After your business is formed and functioning, we can assist you in maintaining your corporate structure, from preparing and updated the business record book and special and annual minutes to drafting contracts, leases and other agreements. Also, we help with federal and state filings, tax work, issuing stock and record keeping. When you choose Miller Law you can be assured that all details are attended to.

We also assist our clients with commercial real estate transactions. We draft their buy and sell agreements and attend the closing for them. When the time comes for buying or selling a small business, we can handle that, as well as other business succession planning issues.

Unfortunately, conflicts sometimes arise. Someone doesn’t pay what they owe, or the delivery was not what you thought it was going to be. Sometimes, it’s a matter of misinterpretation–one side says one thing, while the other side disagrees. When that happens, we can be there. Our attorneys will provide you with a clear, honest evaluation of your case and zealously defend your interests, including representation in any contract litigation.